|261MC| Shooting Script

Me and my production group for this module wrote a shooting script to give our Documentary a general structure to keep the eventual shoot on track and to aid us in visualizing the imagery in more detail.

This script will definitely be subject to change as we see it as more of a reference point/guideline rather than a strict play by play of each scene, as we believe that the intricacies of the imagery and story structure will become absolute in the editing phase.


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|261MC| Treatment

Treatment – Documentary: Tim Webster  Jake Kerr Alex Charlesworth Vlad Feraru   Logline Attracting the hate and judgment of others, an affable Yorkshire Farmer must reluctantly kill rabbits in order to protect his crops and his livelihood.  Treatment In the Yorkshire countryside community of Knaresborough Tim Webster is a well respected and loved member, running […]

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|260mc|Photographing The Face

Our first cinematography task of the year was to create a 60 second short using a single shot centered around the notion of Photographing the Face, without any dialogue. This exercise was given to us to make us pay attention to the details involved in creating imagery, and how we use the imagery we have […]

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|261mc|Screen Test: Tony Pillage

Tony Pillage runs the martial arts and pilates centre The Way of the Spiritual Warrior in Coventry, England. A cancer survivor, a martial artist, and winner of Coventry Citizen of the year, Tony has lived through trials and tribulations and attributes most of his success to overcoming his biggest hurdles. You know there is an […]

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|261mc| Documentary: Summer Tasks

Below is the link to my one minute short Immortal which I produced over the summer holiday. https://vimeo.com/185508997 Immortal is a visual poem/cinematic essay relating to the grandiose subject of world preservation and pollution. I was inspired to create this short after watching a Chinese Documentary feature called Behemoth (Zhao Liang, 2015) which delves into the dehumanizing impact of coal mining in China and […]

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