|261MC| Treatment

Treatment – Documentary: Tim Webster

 Jake Kerr

Alex Charlesworth

Vlad Feraru



Attracting the hate and judgment of others, an affable Yorkshire Farmer must reluctantly kill rabbits in order to protect his crops and his livelihood.


In the Yorkshire countryside community of Knaresborough Tim Webster is a well respected and loved member, running his own farm for many years. A lover of his trade, Tim shows compassion and unequivocal respect for his work, leaving no crops unattended, no livestock unfed and no unnecessary wastage of goods.

However such is the pragmatic nature of farming that the taking of other living creature’s lives must ensue. Rabbits threaten to destroy the stock that Tim works so meticulously all year round to harvest and thus provide for his family, which prompts him to take action and dispatch of them with his rifle.

Forever fretful of a poor season and its possibly devastating effects on the farm and his family’s subsistence, Tim cannot afford to let his crops be debased. Like the majority of small farms across the UK it requires a substantial amount of hard labour and yield in order for him to not only earn a sustainable turnover, but also just reimburse the costs of the harvest itself.

Scene 1 – Introduction:

A wide establishing shot depicts an overcast autumn evening on a small farm in Yorkshire countryside outside the idyllic Town of Knaresborough. The crack of an air rifle shatters the ambience of the gentle breeze. Tim Webster lowers his rifles after the shot finds its target and begins to walk towards the rabbit’s corpse. This may seem a grim and even cruel act to many, but for Tim it is a necessary evil.

Scene 2 – Middle:

The interview begins to play as a new dawn rises over the farm; Tim is tending to his day-to-day duties. He talks about the difficult but rewarding nature of his work, how the fulfillment it brings him has to outplay the obstacles and hard labour. The shooting is something which Tim does not enjoy doing, but explains that with harsh times comes hard decisions, and his livelihood is at stake.

Scene 3 – Conclusion

Tim is shown with his family, eating happily in the dining room of his house. He tries to understand where people are coming from when they say it is an act of cruelty but leaves us with the question that if there family and livelihood were at stake, would you do the same?



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