|161mc| 5 Blog Tasks

Blog Task 1) The One Show Explained

BBC’s The One Show is a 30 minute (sometimes an hour) Magazine Television Programme which is broadcast on BBC 1 on weekdays at 7pm prime time. The magazine format means that it discusses a variety of topics (usually current events) using different features such as interviews, VT’s or commentaries. The One Show being of this format of television programme means it has these included. The show features the two main presenters who gives us background information before proceeding to host an interview with a guest or cue a VT (Video Tape) on the topic they have told us about. In general the order of proceedings is quite similar in each show (minus the change in topics) but can vary slightly.

The opening title for The One Show follows convention and is used to give the audience the signal that the show is about to begin with its bright animated graphics and upbeat theme tune. The red is something of a signature for the show as well as the BBC itself.


The show was originally produced by BBC Birmingham at The Mailbox in a temporary studio. In 2007 it was moved to the BBC Movie Village in London before moving Broadcasting House in 2014.

The One Show is a very big money investment for the BBC as it is an all year round programme (excluding the summer and christmas breaks) that is played all week so needs its own dedicated studio, cast and crew in order to operate to the high demands of its schedule. It also recruits reporters and writers who have to pen ideas and even film VT’s in a plethora of different locations.

It attracts an average of 5 million viewers making it one of the highly rated shows on BBC1. It is one of those shows that has something for everyone as it branches out into a vast amount of different topics meaning it attracts a wide audience.

The One Shows website finds its home as a sub category of the main BBC website, and derives its format from the BBC pages such as BBC iPlayer. Different, of course is the use of The One Show logo and colour theme and content.The websites main content is on articles discussing possible topics or topics already discussed on the show which can vary from Saving Local Pubs to British Ancestry.

Screen Shot 2016-05-18 at 2.01.02 PM.png

The website is very interactive with its users, offering links to its social media and in online polls or petitions with the links to the main show. This kind of user involved format establishes the show as something of national identifier, much like the BBC is itself.

Blog Task 2) The Graham Norton Show vs Conan 

The Presenters: 

We have Graham Norton and Conan O’Brien hosting their celebrity talk shows. Both presenters are very popular and very well liked and well known in their own countries (UK and America) as well as internationally. As well as that they have both been TV presenters with their own show for a long time.

The main difference between these 2 presenters is there style of presenting/stage acting. On one hand we have Conan who has more of a geeky, awkward and self deprecating sense of humour approach as opposed to Graham Norton’s cheeky, flamboyant and innuendo ridden style. There backgrounds in comedy make them for very entertaining hosts.

They also have the ability to comfortably interview massive A-List celebrities, cracking jokes with them and getting them to open up and relax as normal people despite their high status, which is very enticing for the majority of viewers who may see them as inhuman icons almost, when in reality they are just humans like us.

The Look: 

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The layout of each set is fairly similar with sofas and a presenter seat in both. Overall the aim of both is to create a relaxed ‘chatty’ atmosphere which is encouraged even further in The Graham Norton Show as each guest is offered a drink of their choosing, creating an informal feel as if a group of friends are having a casual talk over drinks with the warm lighting and brightly coloured set. The opening sequence of Graham Norton is very flamboyant and glamorous with stars and golden trophy graphics, connoting the A List feel of the show with famous celebrity names. All this is overplayed by a almost ‘Sex and the City’ inspired theme tune which links with the idea of the ‘chatty drinks’ form of interviewing.

Conan’s set is a mock presidential desk with coinciding chairs to make it quite serious looking which juxtaposes the funny and goofy nature of the show. It is kind of saying ‘Conan is funny’ so ‘America is funny’ with its set design. The theme music is also quite goofy which further juxtaposes it between the set, fitting Conan’s awkward sense of humour. It is quite similar to the look of other chat shows in America so is likely influenced by the norm.

The Content:

They are both magazine shows that find there basis in interviewing celebrity guests and playing live music.

Graham Norton starts the show with a monologue before introducing his guestlist of three to four guests, usually including one big name. Each Guest is added to the guest seat at a time, interviewing and interspersing VT’s or clips of things they are famous for. A music act may play out the credits at the end of the show or it will be replaced by an audience participation segment called ‘Thats all We’ve Got Time For’ which is inspired by Ronnie CorbettsArmchair monologues. This segment helps to achieve the glamorous but casual undertone that makes the show so appealing to a wide/mainly adult audience.

Conan also starts with a monologue which usually features news headlines and exchanges with side act Andy Richter or the audience. A house band always plays named Jimmy Vivino and The Basic Cable Band, which keys in with the satirical nature of the show. It then proceeds to celebrity interviews intersected by comedy sketches before or after ad breaks. Comedy is a big hook for the show and the sketches attract their own audience e.g. through YouTube videos. Conan is very widely viewed online with its Youtube Channel Team Coco currently retaining over 4 million subscribers. The channel features individual interviews and sketches from full programme recordings.

What I Would Add: 

The Graham Norton Show I think lacks a little dynamism when it comes to its format and could maybe well be shaken up with adding a sidekick or secondary presenter to the show.

Conan is a show that has little wrong with its audience and purpose and even has a secondary presenter with a lot of chemistry with the main host Conan O’Brien. An audience participation segment would add a bit more to Conan. It could do with more interactivity online with its audience also.

Future Longevity 

The TV Studio Show Thronecast is a talk show which serves as a companion show to the HBO show Game of Throne The show is presented by Sue Perkins and Jamie East and discusses the events of that weeks episode, interviewing members of the cast and other guests in a more relaxed ‘fandom’ setting, treating everyone on the show as die hard fans of the series.VT’s showing exclusive mini trailers of the next episode and other of previous clips from already broadcast shows are also featured. The show is very connected with its audience on social media doing Facebook and Twitter polls to predict events in the show or opinions, thus further contributing to the fandom setting.


The show Game of Thrones is one of the highest rating shows on Television in many countries with its highest rating episode towering at 8.1 million viewers. With the show at this level of popularity, obviously it means that its companion show will retain a lot of the loyal fanbase and ratings. This means hereditarily the show has longevity as long as its base show delivers good ratings and maintains its ferociously loyal fanbase.

Globally the show Game of Thrones is carried by a host of different broadcasters in Australia, Canada, USA, UK and Ireland and New Zealand so has a wide reach. Thronecast is Sky Atlantic’s own companion show and targets the UK viewership.

BBC License Fee 

TV licensing in the UK requires a license fee of £145.50 for colour and £49 for black and white as of April 1st 2010. In 2014-2015 this gave the BBC a total income of £3.735billion, which goes towards the broadcasters Radio, Television and Online Services. At first glance this seems like a good thing in that (much like tax) the money that is put in by the consumers and spent on better services in return. However if a person watches live TV without a license they can be prosecuted as a ‘TV License Evader’ which has been said to overabundantly burden the Justice system, which as of late has received some of the deepest funding cuts in recent government budget reviews.

In my personal opinion I believe scrapping the license fee would work out better for the consumers as the BBC would likely opt for a subscription service (Netflix, Now TV, HBOgo) which would mean the BBC have to compete in order to make sure people buy the model, thus resulting in the broadcasters putting more effort into better programming for us; the viewers. It would also mean that the BBC could expand globally, expanding revenue and compete with American Giants like Netflix and increase the prestige and worldwide appeal of British Broadcasting. This also relinquishes the risk of prosecution for users and the justice system.

Blog Task 3) Second Screen 

The Walking Dead Story Sync:

The app from the American broadcasters AMC is a very interactive second screen social app which essentially gives you a play by play for each episode of the series The Walking Dead, by immersing you in its fictional world with voting polls for decisions made by characters on what they ‘should have’ or ‘shouldn’t have’ done, behind the scenes looks at production, a ‘Will You Survive?’ quiz which lets users find out what character they are most like and if said character will die or not, freeze frames, trivia about the episode and predictions for future episodes, models for the guns used, ‘flashbacks’ from previous episodes relevant to the current one etc. it is incredibly detailed.


All this while presenting it in a linear slide by slide model which works well to deliver its own narrative path and make for easy usability. It shows percentages of other voters connecting you to other watchers as you watch it and each question is clearly thought through and researched (likely largely reliant on the creators of the show) to appeal to fans of the show.

The only real problem with the website is that its social media plug ins are located at the end of the slides ‘journey’, making it less convenient to access but that can simply be solved by going directly to Twitter or Facebook!

Team Coco:

The Tablet and Smartphone is the second screen app for the popular late night TV show Conan, hosted by Conan O’Brian which gives users exclusive content relevant to the episode they are watching if the ‘sync’ feature is active, using the tablets microphone to register where the user is in the show. This means the show doesn’t have to be watched live and full episodes. In addition there is trivia and social features allowing users to interact. The app is also  free and makes is also appealing to new watchers of the show and doesn’t require any background knowledge in particular.

However the microphone feature is said to be buggy and doesn’t always register and the app itself is prone to crashing so I would improve on the technical issues as the app is very effective otherwise. There is also the issue that it is riddled with ads which in fairness is a decent pay off for making the app free to download, but the reduction of ads would make it  a more pleasant experience.

Sky Sports (Football):

This is branched off from the Sky Sports for Tablet app and allows a second screen for live football matches. The feature is very detailed, showing stats of all the players and teams competing in the live match.

The app is not feature heavy however and doesn’t have the most effective interface even though it looks very sleek. I would add more features such as form for each team, more in depth stats of teams as the player stats are way more detailed. It is also only available on Tablet so it would be good to add smartphone functionality.


Blog Task 4) Common Hazards of a TV Studio and Solutions:

  • Heavy Large Objects – Careful Lifting Procedures
  • Audio Recording and Engineering Equipment- Limiting of high Levels of sound noise.
  • Tripping on wires- Careful handling and pre thought placement of wires.
  • Electrical Equipment- Safe installation and use of electric equipment.
  • Water and Chemicals- Safe use of water and Chemicals
  • Use of set elements and production equipment in confined areas- Safe and secure placement of equipment and set.
  • Possible high position of camera operators and sound assistants- safe constructions of rigs and cranes.
  • Heat- Cool ventilation


Blog Task 5) The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon vs The Ellen Degeneres Show 

The Look: 

Ellen- The Ellen website is very immersive in its design giving the user a littered toolbar full of content packed sections, which all have their own individual layout, giving the website variety. These pages range from episode streaming to a ‘send to ellen’ interactive page. The home page features the most recent episode’ highlights, top stories of discussion on the show and extra background information on guests or topics of interest. All of this in a sleek buzzfeed-esq style with hashtags and social media usability, appealing to the wide online audience of social media users. The show has a wide audience which is more bracketed towards the young adult to later 20’s age range, who keep up with trends and mainstream news.

Jimmy Fallon- The colour and general look of the website conveys the ‘late night’ adult theme of the show well with the deep dark blue of nighttime colour scheme and skyline background, as well as the moon inspired logo. It coincides with the theme of traditional ‘late night’ talk shows from America like Jimmy Kimmel and David Letterman. Like the Ellenwebsite it is very content dense visually, featuring a plethora of different articles on the home page on events from the weekly recordings.

The Content:

Ellen- The website implores users to interact with the site from the very first page. Among many interactions there are competitions, giveaways, polls and a ‘send to ellen’ page in which users can send in stories and photos, which can result in winning a prize gift. There is even a thing called an Ellen ‘card’ which can be purchased which is a symbol of the shows philosophy of spreading kindness to one another. This card is used when submitting videos or photos brandishing the card while committing an act of kindness to another. Some of these get featured on the show.

The idea of these kind of interactions is to create a kind of tight knit community among Ellen fans, which goes beyond just basic entertainment.

Jimmy Fallon- A lot of extra content to surplus the show is featured on The Tonight Show website such as a ‘best of’ page which is essentially a highlight reel of the best episodes, sketches, VT’s etc. It also has the standard photos and episodes page in which stills and streams are located. The guest page gives news and background information on previous guests featured on the show as well as links to highlights of their time on the show. The website is very well fleshed outing varied in its content.





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