|162mc| Fanfiction Short Film: Badfellas

‘What do you mean I’m a funny guy?’

‘What do you mean I’m racist?’

Here is the link for the screenplay Badfellas. 

Badfellas is a comedy parody of the dinner scene in the Martin Scorsese gangster flick Goodfellas. It re-tells the scene using (kind of) fictional versions of the current candidates in the presidential race in the USA, (Donald Trump, Bernie Sanders and Hilary Clinton) and puts them in the roles of the characters from the scene mocking each of them respectfully using satire.

I think it does a good job of playfully describing the presidential race through the Goodfellas scene and stays very true to the scene while still giving it an effective twist. The dialogue I think is the main strength with its clever social commentary and satire, particularly on the depiction of the racist Donald Trump. The visuals however I believe also recreated the tone the original scene well which made it stronger as a parody.

My role in the production was primarily as an editor and sound recorder.

Below is Tu Many Groups Short Film Badfellas.


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