|162mc| Screenplay and Original Outline

My Fanfiction script Two Thousand and Sixteen is set in George Orwell’s famous dystopia from his novel 1984.

The general idea behind my project was to create a contemporary version of the novel’s dystopian setting of Airstrip One and having it set in 2016. I keep true to the terminology and lore of the novel in my script, with the idea of Thoughtcrime being the key motif taken from the novel. I employ thoughtcrime as the main narrative theme and drive in my screenplay.

The genre of the script is a thriller/ horror and is more or less an adaption of the tone that the book uses. All in all it is an attempt to recreate the terrifying atmosphere of the novel and convert it visually. The seemingly omniscent character Big Brother is a staple character taken from the novels which I believe gives in greater weight as a Fan-fiction in addition to the tone of the script.

Below you can view my screenplay Two Thousand and Sixteen and the original Outline for it.

Two Thousand and Sixteen

Script Outline


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