|161mc| Storygami Task: Tibetan Warrior

Our task for this was to use the online resource Storygami to make an interactive Documentary using a 5 minute clip from any Documentary of our choice. I chose an expository clip with the director from the Documentary film Tibetan Warrior (Dodo Hunziker, 2015). 

The film struck a cord with me with it’s powerful message advocating the freedom of Tibetans from Chinese oppression. It also opened my eye’s to a different culture and the most extreme cases of non-violence I have ever seen or heard of.

I used Profiles of the people featured in the film to give more information on their background. I also use articles to elaborate on the topics being talked about in the clip which I believe gives the video a heightened connection with its audience. It also makes it a more informative piece of video with the additions.

Below is the link to my interactive Documentary.







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