|161mc| My Low Budget Feature: Pitch/Outline

The Pitch

Working Title: Sven

‘The story begins with the depiction of a vagrant London drug addict named Sven having a heroin overdose after stealing smack from a dealer which we don’t know whether is fatal or not.  The plot backtracks from this moment, revealing piece by piece Sven’s life in reverse up to this pivotal event. His life improves vastly as the plot progresses through his addiction and his homelessness is explained and we are eventually revealed that in the past Sven lived a near perfect material life,  was the co-founder of a successful corporate chain and had a beautiful loving wife, whom he had separated with after tragedy struck their family in the form of a stillborn child and subsequent infidelity. The reversing plot line switches after showing Sven survive a high speed car crash, years before, when his business is still getting off the ground and hasn’t met his future wife. After surviving the crash by what seems like a miracle he has a premonition of his overdose years later down the line which shakes him to his rafters. The plot jumps forward for the first time to the aftermath of the overdose in which he is being treated in intensive care in hospital. It jumps forward again 3 years after the overdose showing Sven alive and living a simple but fulfilling life as a councilor. It ends with Sven counseling one of his drug addicted patients who is coming to the end of her rehab whom he has been treating for a long while. They have obvious chemistry and she asks him out for a drink’ 

Genre: Hard Hitting Drama. Gritty Drama. Experimental. London Drama. Social Commentary.

Themes: Anti-Materialism, Material possessions are not the key to a happy life. Family Tragedy. Subversion of stereotypes: Drug Addict:Former Upper Class Male. Drug Addiction.

Producers: Bedlam Productions, DNA Films,Independent Producers

Funding: Kickstarter, IndieGOGO

Festivals: Colchester Film Festival, East End Film Festival, BFI London Film Festival.

Market: Independent Cinema (Produced). Hard Hitting Drama. Word of Mouth. Festivals and Competitions. Social Media Platform. Indie Crowd. Critical Awards.





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