|162mc| Fan-fiction Project: Script Pitch’s

Below are my synopsis’ for  3 Fan-fiction based scripts that I have come up with in relation to the fan-fiction centered project that we have been set.


Script 1 

Based on the Novel 1984 (George Orwell)

‘Jim Flaxen is a working class prole in the Oceanic state of Airstrip One in 2016. Like the majority of his prole counter parts he lives blissfully unaware under the totalitarian state and watchful eye of Big Brother. That is until he witnesses the ‘taking’ of one of his neighbors at the hands of the thought police. His mask of naivety now gone and thinking independently  from the majority, Jim has been marked for thoughtcrime. How could he possibly evade a force that even his own thoughts aren’t safe from? ‘ 

Script 2

Based on Lord of the Rings (JRR Tolkien, Peter Jackson)

‘The One Ring returns… To Coventry? Bill is down on his luck and notices a woman in a rush drop a valuable looking gold ring from her purse, and instead of catching up with her he takes it for himself. Little does he know of the rings evil power and on his way to pawn it, he gradually starts to become obsessed with it, prompting some unusual encounters on his adventure’  

Script 3

Based on Pulp Fiction and Reservoir Dogs (Quentin Tarantino)

‘Frank Vega is a timid soul in stark contrast to his brothers Vince and Vic and works as a salesman in North Little Rock Arizona. Vega has always grown up in the shadow of his brothers, through high school and beyond, and hasn’t spoken to them for years only knowing they are reputed criminals. One day when leaving work a group of masked individuals kidnap Frank and he is knocked unconscious, coming to in a cage in an old warehouse. His captor is a large masked man and a smaller masked man who he overhears is an associate of a mob boss called Marsellus Wallace, and also that Frank is being held hostage for ransom because one of his brothers murdered the ‘wrong guy’. Frank must endure the game as he tries to work out what is going in regards to his brothers actions to him being held hostage and ultimately escaping with his life.’ 



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