|105mc| The Viral Video Task

What does it take for a a piece of video to go ‘viral’?

If you look at examples of videos and clips which have achieved this status you begin to see a pattern. The videos more often than not are short unedited clips of footage capturing real life events as they happen, completely un-staged and unforeseen, as rudimentary as a baby laughing or as extreme as a freak car crash. This makes attempting to re-create such a thing very difficult so despite the overwhelming amount of success and popularity that this breed of video has generated, me and my group decided we would not create a video of that type merely because of the fact that it would be staged and would likely come across as such.

Instead we looked at viral ad campaigns for companies and charities as they too have a high frequency of viral videos and we would have complete creative control over our content. A personal favorite of mine that we looked at being this Doritos Super Bowl Advert.

In the end we decided to parody a charity campaign similar to that of a Water Aid advert instead replacing the tag line with ‘Give To A Ginger’. Combining the conventions of an advert such as this (the slow motion, the sad music, the slow fades) with a completely pointless and ridiuclous subject (gingers being second class citizens) we thought would work well to create a funny parody video.

Also being the Ginger person that I am,  it allowed me to see if I can hack some acting; many takes later and breaks in character proving otherwise. But also the sharing of it to people I know, would obviously give them a laugh (at my expense) and hopefully prompt them to share the video and get it to go viral!

So here it is.


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