Ker-Pow Project

‘Imagination is everything. It is the preview of life’s coming attractions.’

This quote from Albert Einstein kind of summed up for me, the philosophy behind my first project assignment. This assignment required groups of us to venture out into the Cathedral sized library of Coventry University and come back with a book or text with which we were to use as the basis of creation for a piece of media. This was all under the notion that in an age in which search engines like Google and internet based ‘formula and result’ research thrives, the spontaneity and random potential for inspiration that comes with book based research is lost.

So in this spirit we set out into the library and after a few hours of searching we came together to find we had gathered quite a diverse collection. A text on cultural outsiders called Us and Them (Jim Carnes, Herbert Tauss, Harry A. Blackmun), a book on Religious representation in the modern media, a psychological text about schizophrenia, a humanities book called the Mcdonaldalization of Society (George Ritzer) and the strangest but most important of all: an encyclopedia on Conjoined Twins (Christine Quigley).

twins still

Under a tight time limit we planned, scripted and shot our film in a day and made the decision half way through to change our plot to achieve a smoother and more consistent narrative. This did force us to make some spilt second decisions such as the music we used and we weren’t able end the film as we liked with an epilogue revealing the true events behind the story.

Nonetheless I think we pieced together an ambitious and decently structured short that represented and combined our texts to good effect. Noteworthy was how we used the motif of the twins and their separation to represent the schizophrenia of the mother and also the cinematography.

To watch our short ‘The Twins’ click on the link.

…And yes, we shot in McDonald’s to account for one of our books, just playing by the rules.


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