|260MC| Portfolio

PHOTOGRAPHING THE FACE Our first cinematography task of the year was to create a 60 second short using a single shot centered around the notion of Photographing the Face, without any dialogue. This exercise was given to us to make us pay attention to the details involved in creating imagery, and how we use the imagery […]

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/260MC/ Final Short Film:

WHAT For our final piece of coursework for this module we got into production groups and was given a photograph or painting with which we had to produce a cinematic response to, in the form of a 4-6 minute short film. My group was given this photograph which we found out was taken in 1955 […]

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|261MC|Project Reflection

INTRODUCTION Our Documentary ‘Not By Choice’ is about Tim Webster. He is a farmer based in North Yorkshire in England who, like many farmers across the UK, shoots animals which threaten to destroy his crops and produce. The intention of the film is that it provides the perspective of an ordinary British farmer, who has to […]

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|261mc| Project: Not By Choice

SYNOPSIS Attracting the hate and judgment of others, affable Yorkshire Farmer Tim Webster is forced to shoot pests which threaten not just his crops, but his livelihood. Tim has run his family farm for decades and has possessed a shotgun since he was just a young boy, but to the surprise of many remains indifferent to the […]

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